Supported By Little Angels' School System, Hattiban, Lalitpur

Library Facility

The school library has a wide range of books to meet the demands of the students and to develop the reading habit among the students. There are reference books on every subject to enable students to enhance their knowledge and to develop independence in solving problems. The library subscribes to a large number of newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals to keep students informed about happening in different parts of the world. The library is airy and pleasant, with comfortable furniture providing a tranquil and quiet atmosphere, so essential for reading.


Latest News

  1. Exams will start from 5th of March. So students, study smart and all the best!


    Exam Director

  2. What do you think about the sneak-peek of the school’s magazine? Let’s us know!


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  3. Laboratory Higher Secondary School. has it’s own website! Please check it out and do send us your feedback.


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