Each class room is well-spacious and ventilated.

Science & computers labs

The School possesses well-equipped separate science labs: physics, chemistry, Biology and computer.


The library has sufficient references, text books, newspapers and magazines.

Health services

Health services are provided to students through the permanent staff, doctors and paramedics.


The cafeteria offers a wide selection of healthy and hygienic snakes and meals at reasonable cost.


The School provides transportation to and from the main points of the Kathmandu valley at an additional cost.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is provided to the students for their further education at home and abroad.

Art, Music & Dance

Courses on art, music and dance are made available for those students who are interested in and demonstrate talent of an accepted level. Qualified teachers of respected areas are appointed to teach the designed courses. In addition to these courses, we have science club, Quiz club, Martial Art Nature Club/ Eco Club, the School Journal and Trips/Education Tours.


As extra-curricular programs of the school have been receiving a priority, the school organizes a series of competitive tournaments or outdoor sports as football, volleyball, basketball and athletics. The school maintains senior and junior grounds for football, volleyball and basketball. Other games include cricket, badminton, table tennis and variety of indoor games. The points of the individual students and house will be recorded to finalize the title winner award of the whole academic year.

Examination & Evaluation

The school has adopted a continuous evaluation system designed by itself. There are four terms in an academic year besides class tests and unit tests. In each term a student must secure 40% in individual subject i.e. ‘C’ Grade in minimum. The evaluation department keeps a record of each student’s achievements in every terminal examination followed by project work to upgrade in higher class. The final examination is meant to confirm the result of the year’s work and is not a promoting examination. Only 70% weightage is given to the final examination, 10% to the first, second and third term respectively. Results declared at the end of the year are final in all classes and will not be reconsidered.

Admission procedure

The admission to LAB school from nursery onwards is open to both boys and girls seeking enrollment as day scholars and residential students. The students must take a qualifying written test conducted by the school .Admission is made on the basis of marks obtained in the previous school record and performance of written test. Then only the students will be finally considered for registration. The school reserves the right to admit or reject any application for admission without assigning any reasons; Admission will be confirmed only after the selected candidate’s fees have been paid within the stipulated time and acknowledged.

Security system

LAB school is keen on providing an excellent security system within the school premises; school is well-fenced and adequate security guards with professional training are deployed for the purpose.

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